Reggae Beatz Times Tables DVD

2 Disc Set (DVD & CD)

Introductory Offer Only £12.99!

After receiving thousands of hits on YOUTUBE daily we have decided it was time to stop selling CDs alone and give you all what you have been asking for....

We are proud to announce our new arrival!

‘Reggae Beatz’ Times Tables DVD will be available in February 2017. This will also be sold as a download! If you want the songs personalised with your child's name you will be able to purchase each individually (as an MP4 download). These options are great news for our overseas customers, who will be for saving huge amounts on P&P!

Customers will be able to view the new songs on YOUTUBE. If you haven't already subscribed to our  Channel Why not do so now. Follow this link.

Laugh Along and Learn YouTube Channel

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